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Becoming an instructor with SkillStairway is an easy process that can be completed in just a second by giving your information. Before becoming the instructor at SkillStairway we want to ask a few questions that will help guide you on your way and let us know that you are ready to become an instructor by following signup the term & condition .

The list below gives a more detailed explanation of the roles and responsibilities of an Outward Bound instructor:
1. To deliver education courses for Outward Bound to a wide range of clients. This involves flexibility from Instructors to work across all locations throughout The Trust.
2. To work as part of the instructional team in a co-operative environment providing safe and inspirational courses.
3. To plan and deliver activities be accountable for ensuring all learning objectives are achieved
4. To act as technical support for a group instructor in activities as well as providing any necessary resource support for the programme
5. To develop your own skills and qualification base

Start with courses by registering your self courses are fully online full time course as well as summer and winter courses each year which are open to any current degree seeking student or non-degree seeking individual. Students may register through SkillStairway.