Body Language Basics – How to Maintain Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very important topic when it comes to personality development. It has its own value in our social and business lives because building relationship is one of the major key factors while dealing with people in business. If you can carry not only confident but genuine eye contact, it will bring you trust from other people along with respect.

Unfortunately there are so many people round the world who know that eye contact is essential stuff while communicating with anyone, anywhere but people hesitate – one reason we find constantly is that they are anxious.  You may have come across a situation when you tried to maintain the eye contact with the person in front of you but you felt some sort of awkwardness and must have become uncomfortable – don’t worry; this is a common phenomenon.

Today we would like to share some easy ways out to deal with your hesitation along with some tips which would help you maintain a confident and genuine eye contact while communicating with someone. You can apply these tips easily:

  1. Next time when you are talking to someone and feeling hesitated while maintaining the eye contact or probably you are losing your composure, change your focus from the person’s eyes to his/her forehead or nose. You must be thinking that this must be a joke but friends this is not at all a joke because the person would not be able to find out that you have changed your focus to their forehead/nose. The person would not be figure out whether you are looking at their nose/forehead or eyes. It will give you confidence and you would feel comfortable as well. To give it a shot, try this with your friends and then follow this tip.
  2. People face major issues in maintaining eye contact when they are speaking in a group or addressing large audience. Suppose you are addressing a group and you can see many faces then probably you would be confused with whom you need to maintain the eye contact, right? Well, in this case you do not need to maintain eye contact with any one individual; you just need to keep moving your head along with eyes because you are addressing the crowd not an individual. This keep the group interested in your topic because as you move your head around the room, audience will feel engaged – remember that for you they are many but for each one of them you are just one! This trick is also useful in another situation which could occur while addressing the crowd. In a crowd there are many people with different faces and expressions. While addressing a group there could be a few people with grumpy face or someone doing something weird. After looking such stuff you could lose your composure, therefore pretending that you are looking to everyone is the safest side while addressing the crowd in order to keep the eye contact.
  1. The two tips above might suggest that we are asking you to NOT maintain eye contact – well, in a way that is true. These tips only help you fool your audience that you are maintaining eye contact. Eventually though, when you see the results of your own confidence and you feel more comfortable, we recommend that you deliberately maintain the actual eye contact. You can use these tips whenever you are feeling uncomfortable.

Eventually though, a genuine eye contact is a must in the overall development of your personality. If you would like to get personality development trained, you may contact us and a SkillStairway consultant will get in touch with you within 48 hours!

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