Body Language Basics – The Right Sitting Posture

Body Language – Sitting Postures!!

Let’s start this topic with a question – Do you know that while communicating with somebody you communicate in two ways? Oh yes, one is verbal communication and the second and an equally important way is non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication is the way you use your body postures – a critical factor in the body language. When you go for interviews, business meetings or even in a casual meeting; people naturally and sub-consciously judge you on your body postures. You would be amazed to know that people judge 30% on the basis of what you say and rest 70% judgment is based on the body language you display in a meeting. Therefore, it is important to have a good body language.

In our previous article we spoke about the standing postures and today will talk about the appropriate sitting postures. We spend a lot of time sitting and our sitting postures are equally important as the standing postures.

Here are some ground rules we would like to share with you to help you improve your body language while sitting:

  • While appearing for a job interview or business meeting you should avoid sitting stiff and straight with a buttoned up jacket/suit (if wearing) because it looks artificial which is easily noticeable. Since you look artificial (looks pretending), it is not necessary that you would become an interviewer’s choice.


  • Sitting stiff and straight should be avoided but that does not mean that you should sit overly relaxed in an interview or a business meeting. This would show that you are not interested in the interview or the meeting.


  • The proper way to sit in official meetings is with your feet on the floor, chest slightly leaned forward along with your hands on the desk. While sitting in this posture you should not forget that your smile will work as cherry on the cake. As long as the desk has comfortable distance & height, this position sends positive vibes to the other person. This position shows that you are interested and open.  All these tips would help you to leave a positive mark/impression on the interviewer or client.


  • Hand on the lap or on the desk is fine; it gives a glimpse of your confidence to the other person. However, if you try to hide or fold your hands – it shows that you are probably shy or nervous. You should use subtle hand movements while talking as it shows that you are full of confidence plus it also communicates your trustworthiness.


  • Crossing your legs at the ankle seems like that you are locked. The best way to sit is with feet on the floor and the shoe tip should be positioned towards the interview chair.


  • Keeping leg on your other leg with your back leaned on the chair while sitting and hands behind the head shows that the person is so dominant and he/she is not in the mood to take any suggestion/answers from the other person. It is highly advisable to avoid this kind of posture.


So the next time someone offers you a seat, please take a few moments and ensure that your sit properly. It would help you to fetch the desired results out of your meetings.

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