Body Language Basics – The Right Standing Posture

Today we are going to talk about body language. The key question here is – can our body language talk to others? Well to start, first we need to understand that what body language means?

Body language in simple terms means how you use your physical movements in different ways. Basically it is all about how you use your hands, how you pose and how you use your body postures etc.

This article is all about standing posture which will help you learn how we should stand and what it means.

We will take you through some body postures while you stand so that you understand easily.

  • Good Posture – In this posture, person stands with straight head and straight back and your spine is aligned in upper position of the body which makes you look confident and calm.
  • Bad Posture – Well, bad posture is actually bad, your back looks in the shape of a rainbow which shows that you are a dull person. It gives an impression that you are tired, lazy or probably you have a back problem. It seems that somebody has a hunch back which gives an incorrect picture or perception to the viewer.

  • Another posture is when you stand with crossed arms in front of your chest. It gives the impression that you have some attitude problem or you are being casual towards the topic of discussion. Perhaps it also shows that you are angry and trying to hide the anger. Also, on the funnier side somebody might think that you have not used a deodorant, thus you are conscious and afraid to spread your arms – this has been proven in the interviews that SkillStairway has conducted.


  • Leaning against the wall is also a kind of a negative posture when it comes to standing positions. It shows that you being very casual. Somebody might have a perception that you are a stubborn person who does not want to leave his/her comfort zone or one who is never in agreement with another person.


  • Standing with your leg up on the wall is like that you are standing at the street to check out girls or guys. This posture shows that the person is trying to look super cool but in real he looks a loafer or a road side Romeo.


  • Standing with your legs crossed shows that you probably have an itching problem which you are trying to control or you might have urgency to use the washroom. It is very common; therefore many people stand like this by the time they reach the middle of a conversation.


  • Avoid standing with the broad posture like somebody is standing with pumped chest & spread legs along with keeping the hands on hips. This might drive people to think that you have a bossy attitude and you are arrogant. This kind of a perception can create problem for your business/personal relations.


  • There is a generic posture when you stand completely straight with your arms down. Have you killed somebody today – you look totally suspicious! Neither you are in any punishment nor are you guilty for something serious, thus please stop standing completely straight with your arms down. You just need to stand simple – relaxed and calm.


Hope this article would help us in order to maintain good posture while standing which ultimately improves our personalities.

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